John has truly had an amazing journey through life.


John grew up hard, abused in foster homes

and fending for himself on the streets of New York in the 70s. His rage and frustration landed him in the hardcore punk scene, where fate led him to H.R. from Bad Brains—his first intro to PMA, human compassion and conscious living. John got the message loud and clear, and to say he ran with it is an understatement.

Learning how to tap intp the power of PMA, he completely flipped the script of his life.

Instead of living out the rest of his days as a drugged out thug—or just fat, unhealthy and mediocre— he travels the world inspiring others as an explosive performer, a passionate humanitarian and activist, an ambitious and driven author and an unstoppable athlete.

John’s message is this: Your history isn’t your destiny. It’s never too late to Flip the Script and become the ass kicker you’re meant to be.

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