Excerpt from John's Quick Guide to Healthy Eats On the Cheap

I have to say dudes crack me the fuck up when I watch them walking up and down the aisles of a natural food market. It’s like they stepped into a fucking alien world and for the most part they have. First off let me say you get major props for showing up and making the effort, second I’m here to tell you if you follow my step by step methods you’ll be navigating Whole Foods like a porn star navigating a vagina. And ladies, some of you need an education too (on food that is) so stay tuned as well.

A word to the wise, in these hard times all of us are trying to keep that grocery bill down and in order to do that you must avoid the packaged stuff. That’s where the costs of eating healthy go through the roof and even though some of what you find is organic its still processed food. When you start buying stuff like cookies, cakes, chips, etc you’ll notice that shit can add up pretty quick. Just the other day this guy walks out of my neighborhood health food store with one bag which was over fifty bucks and he’s like, “How the fuck did that happen?” I’ll tell you how slick, tofu ice cream sandwiches, veggie hot dogs, packaged veggie burgers and three types of potato chips, which by the way are still fucking potatoes deep-fried in grease. I mean don’t get me wrong, there’s always going to be a few packaged specialty items you will need, but you can cut down considerably on your bill by avoiding all the other stuff. That’s why I have three golden rules when I go food shopping.

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AuthorTodd Irwin