These books give you the knowledge.

From John's story of surviving the mean streets of NYC and his personal redemption in "The Evolution of a Cro-Magnon" to his life-changing shift in food choices, comically laid out in "Meat is for Pussies", these two books are must-haves. Rendezvous with these pieces of brilliance would allow us to assess the nature of difficulties the author came across and the way he fought his way to success. Inspirational, motivational and affordable are the adjectives adhered to by us, whereas these books have a magical influence is the way we approach the harsh realities of life. Whilst the points are shrewdly put, the analysis is comical and gripping at the same time. Be it the story of his dietary evolution or the meat is for pussies John joseph style, every single option is worth million buys



In Meat is for Pussies, John Joseph makes sure you never look at meat the same way. After painting a sickening picture of how things really are, John outlines a plan for a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life.This book never forces anybody to give up meat but rather justifies the inefficacy of the same with theories and valid proofs. Both moral and physical implications are portrayed in addition to the plethora of substitutions. Giving up on meat is not a hard task even for the hardcore carnivores and this is what meat is for pussies by john joseph aims at. It allows us to be self-sufficient while honing our skills and reflexes in a much cleaner and healthier way. Do you want to continue living like a pussy, or are you ready to take back control of your life? It's your call.



In his autobiography, John recounts his hard times and spiritual redemption. A traumatic childhood in foster homes was just the beginning of John's evolution. Before fronting one of the most important bands in the underground punk scene, the Cro-Mags, John faced homelessness, abdication, betrayal and insanity. Still, even his success couldn't save him from a relapse that set him back to square one - rock bottom. The book is a raw and unapologetic autobiography about his life. Consider yourself warned.The events mentioned out here may or may not coincide with your life but the symptoms and remedies would surely do. The placid demonstration of truth presents an unmasked picture of his life whereas the evolution of a Cro-Magnon by john joseph continues to inspire many. The upheaval is on and what we require is the positive mental health as target by this piece of sheer brilliance.