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Having a Positive Mental Attitude is what its all about in life. That's how John learned to overcome adversity and make positive changes that have lasted over 33 years.  These videos will give you insight into the process. We all know how important and effective these pictorial demonstrations can be and our focus lies upon the overall development of the individuals, bestowing them with positivity and sincerity. Though John Joseph is a punk rock singer, he has adopted an ethical approach while dealing with the caveats of vegetarianism. Stricter terms like being plant-based are used and these contribute towards the physical and mental wellness of many enthusiasts. He has been instrumental in providing the individuals with a taste of his own life, which is a matter of choice and not of compulsion. Understanding the core competencies of a plant-based diet allows us to combat against the inner demons while being vigilant regarding the myriad John Joseph benefits of a plant-based diet, ensconcing the rewarding nature of the same. Life is all about those dynamic changes which make or break our identity and the plant-based milieu acts as a buffer to the positive metal health. Theories and reasons to go plant-based have been proposed regularly but none better than John Joseph a punk rock singer from NYC, who has embedded each one of these into his personal life.

In a VICE/FUEL showcase, John uses his status and platform to spread the word about the benefits of plant-based diets and PMA (positive mental attitude).

On VICE TV's new show, MUNCHIES, John shows you how to make a proper juice and smoothie, with a funny story thrown in.


John discusses how he became a vegetarian and the problems with the meat industry for the show "Nights at the Round Table". Directed by Mario Simone.


For Vice Magazine and Noisey, John recounts his personal journey growing up punk on the streets of 1970s New York City and how he came to find inner peace. Hosted by legendary NYC downtown videographer and artist Clayton Patterson.


John had been feeding the homeless at Tompkins Square Park since 1980. Help him keep making it possible to serve over 6000 meals a month.


In this video you'll hear John sharing his very powerful story with students in a large inner city high school.

John talks about rioting on the set of Saturday Night Live when Fear played in 1981.

Walking Tour - Crime, Drugs & Punk Rock. Here's a look at John's weekend walking tour of downtown NYC..

Juicing with JJ - Episode 1.

John tells the story of dressing up as Santa to collect money for the Hari Krishnas.

Walking Tour - Crime, Drugs & Punk Rock. Here's another look at John's weekend walking tour of downtown NYC.